Field Band

Central Square Redhawk Regiment

The Field Band is a program that allows students in our school system the opportunity to participate in a competitive marching activity.  The goal is to achieve individual and group excellence in performance.

All members are expected to be at all rehearsals with the exception of family vacations. All performances are mandatory.  The season starts with band camp in late July and ends in late October with the final state competition performance at the Carrier Dome.  There are typically two practices a week and a performance on Saturday throughout September and October.

Band Camp: No cost for band camp to get as many students as possible to attend

Important Documents:

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Mr. Ron Haldeman, Director            
Mr. Mark Woods, Assistant Director / Music Caption Head
Mr. Andrew Graziano, Marching Caption Head/Instructor

Questions regarding Field Band?      
Ron Haldeman, Director
Mark Woods, Assistant Director